Welcome to NanoTech Connect!

The purpose of the NanoTech Connect Website is to provide:

  • Centralized nanotechnology, nanoscience and nanoengineering resources for researchers, engineers, administrators and students within a single “go-to” site
  • Promotion of the expertise of technical, industry, administrative and government organizations in New York State and across the country

This site represents an evolving snapshot of the full capabilities intended for the site.  We value your expertise and experience in taking the site to the next level of development.  How can you help?

  • Review the site and provide us with comments, opinions and recommendations on existing features and content, or desirable future features and content
  • Promote and facilitate contact with other academic, industry, and/or government nanotechnology nanoscience and nanoengineering stakeholders, so that we can let them know about the site

If you are interested, please contact nano@quanterion.com to provide your comments and discuss your potential participation.